I’m not sure if you’ve noticed lately, but the world has gone absolutely nuts.

I mean, it was crazy already, but recently, over the last several months, it has gotten seemingly out of control.  We’ve had numerous terror attacks across the globe,  Brexit happened, here in the US we had an election which has produced an abnormal amount of protesting, even months after the election, the Syrian refugee crisis, and of course all of the “little” day to day things that affect us each in their own unique way.

Sometimes, it all can be a bit overwhelming.

And when we get overwhelmed we don’t function well.

  • Stress and anxiety kick in
  • Our immune system and health fluctuate and suffer
  • We become much more short tempered – especially with those closest to us
  • Our eating habits go amok
  • Our relationships become strained

All because we become overwhelmed with our surroundings and what is going on all around us, and often times within us.  And if we are not careful and preventive, it has the ability to sabbatoge our life and relationships.

So what is the answer?

Where do we find relief from this craziness?

Or how can we guard ourselves from it to begin with?

Well, I believe it is found in our faith and spirituality.  Specifically, it is found in the Gospel of the finished work of Jesus Christ out of the abundance of the Father’s infinite love for us.

For some, this is something we are familiar with and just need to refocus, but for others, this is a complete change of mindset.  Either way, what we need in these times of high anxiety, stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed is a complete and total reset!

The dictionary defines reset as 1) “to set again”, as in “a broken bone”, 2) to restore.  The idea here is that what we have is good, but it needs to be brought back to normal, to its intended state.

We were never meant to live life stressed and anxious.  Our lives were never inteded to be “broken” so when that happens we need to reset them, put them back in order, restore the original intent and purpose.

This can only happen when we understand our original intent and purpose.  We were created for success, wellness, joy, meaningful relationships, and sharing in the life of the Trinitarian Godhead.  We were created and invited into this divine dance of life, to be shared with Father, Son and Spirit and one another.

God is good!!  He is not some divine magician, or some angry version of Zeus waiting to pounce, or maybe worst of all, some religious icon to be used as an excuse for ill and even evil.  NO!  He is good and out of His infinite love for us, invited us into a shared life with Him.

And with that understanding we also must know that, yes, though we were in a state of mental separation from Him, because we projected our own failures onto Him, Jesus Christ has finished it all on our behalf.  He has shown us the Father’s infinite love by becoming one of us and demonstrating the shared life of this divine dance that we have always been invited to. There is no more man pleasing or even God pleasing to be accepted.  There are no more religious hoops to jump through.  There is no earning or keeping of your salvation.  It is ALL on Him and it is ALL finished.

When we come to that revelation and reset ourselves to that understanding and then begin to live from that place, stress, anxiety and the burdens of life fall away.  Now, I’m not saying that we never feel any of those things again.  Of course we do.  Life happens.  But the difference is, we understand who we are, whose we are, and we live from a different, higher perspective and when life happens, as it will, we are not jarred by it.  We are no longer subject to the stress and weightiness of life, but can fully embrace our union with God and rejoice in the midst of life’s happenings. We are no longer overwhelmed by what’s happening around us, because we are overwhelmed by His love and grace upon us.  And in such a place, we not only resist the stress, anxiety and overwhelming feeling on us, but we become a beacon of hope for those around us because they see us living in that “peace that passes (surpasses) their own understanding.  Which in turn, gives them the opportunity to reset themselves  and their minds and restore them to their original intent and purpose.

This is what we all want.  It is the desire of humanity to live this way.  But here’s the secret, and it’s out – WE CAN!  We are no longer bound to our surroundings and what is happening politically, religiously and relationally, we are bound to His infinite love.  We can all live in this divine dance, this shared life with Father, Son and Spirit.  We’ve been invited, and the “ticket” has been purchased, all we have to do is jump in and dance.

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