I’m sitting here this evening drinking some whiskey and watching a mixture of Cardinals baseball, cable news and Food Network and just thinking about how crazy things are in our world right now.

I mean, in the news today is the county clerk in Kentucky who won’t issue marriage licenses to gay couples because it violates her religion; a teenage boy in Missouri who “identifies” as a girl and wants to use the girls locker room and restroom; another cop targeted and killed in the line of duty; and the “normal” stuff of murder, crime, and of course, politics.

Here’s my two cents on these issues…feel free to agree or disagree and be offended, no matter here, but this is my humble opinion.

First, let’s look at Kim Davis.  Davis is the county clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky who is making headlines because she refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples in spite of the Supreme Court decision that “legalized” it across the country, because it violates her religion beliefs.

Now behind this thinking is the statement by St. Peter recorded in Acts 5:29 where he states:  “We must obey God rather than human beings.”  In context, Peter was talking about himself and the other apostles preaching the Gospel even though the government officials told them to stop.  They were saying that they would not stop speaking about God and His work even when told not to.  Their conviction to live out their faith and continue to speak about it to others, even in the public forum, was more important to them than following man’s regulations.

But what about what the Apostle Paul said to the Romans:

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.  Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good.

Romans 13:1-3

It seems to me that this would indicate that it is actually living out your faith and being faithful to God by obeying the laws and what the governing authorities have set in place. Now I realize that some will argue, but surely we can argue both sides here and use Scripture to back up our position.

Here’s my take:  I love God and have a relationship with Him and try to live my life in such a way that that is noticeable.  I will defend Him (even though He really doesn’t need my defense) and follow my understanding of His ways, even if it contradicts popular society and even the law in extreme circumstances.  But here’s the deal, this is NOT one of those moments.  This is not about defending God and His ways, this is NOT about being told one can’t practice their religious views.  This is not about being persecuted for your faith.


When the government makes it illegal to serve God or talk about God openly, then I will be an outlaw, whatever consequences may come. But in these moral/social issues, have your opinion and even conviction, and feel free to speak and share it, but obey the law.

There are plenty of laws that I don’t like or even agree with. Some that I believe infringe on my freedom, but they are not worth “fighting” over.  Are there issues that are?  Most definitely.  Are there issues that might come up that would cause me to resist supporting the law?  Yes.  But it is not about two people getting married.

And please, let’s not talk about the sanctity of marriage.  When the divorce rate is as high in the church as it is outside, when premarital sex runs rampant in church youth and college groups, when there are affairs on a weekly basis by congregants and leaders alike, let’s not talk about the sanctity of marriage.  Please, just stop it.  Two dudes or two chicks living together before they had a piece of paper didn’t affect you, but somehow a piece of paper issued by the state sets you off?  Does anyone even realize that our “institution of marriage” in this country being validated by a piece of paper issued by the state, isn’t even Scriptural.  Marriage is before God.  The state is involved simply to provide for legal matters of money, kids, estate, etc.  There is nothing Scriptural about a marriage license.

Listen, I am not a proponent of the gay lifestyle and do not think it is God’s design or best interest for humanity.  But gay marriage is not destroying our country.  If you honestly feel that much conviction about the issue Ms Davis, then get another job.  I have quit jobs in the past because they got to a point where I felt they were causing me to make choices that violated my conscience.  That is my living out my faith, not acting like I’m entitled to a specific job.


Now what about Lila Perry, the high school senior in Hillsboro, Missouri, who is a boy but claims he identifies as a girl for the last couple years, and wants to use the girls locker rooms and restrooms.  When this came to a head a few days ago, the school offered Lila a gender neutral facility but Lila refused and has since accused the school and many of its students as homophobic.

Let’s get this straight:  Perry has NOT had any surgery or undergone any procedure in changing his sex (whether that changes the discussion is for another time).  He is still all boy, penis in tact. He has no business being in the girls facilities.  Period!  None!

If my 15, 16, or 17 year old daughter was in that school…well, she wouldn’t be at this point, I do not want her  sharing the rest room and changing for PE with a boy and his penis.  Nor do I want him having open access to stare at my daughter’s and other young girls’ boobs.  Vulgar?  Maybe.  But this is absolute lunacy.  Regardless of your opinion on transgender individuals, there is no way that a teenage boy, with all of his boy parts, should be allowed to share intimate facilities with teenage girls.

A viable option was given.  Hell, even a better option, a private bathroom.  I have kids, I know what magical words “Family Restroom” are.  You give me that option in high school and all its awkwardness, hell yes.  But you see, this isn’t about any of that.  This is about an indoctrination of our children and the normalizing of behaviors in our society.  And trust me, this isn’t the last of this type of story we will be hearing and reading about in the coming days.

I really don’t have time right now to address the open season on law enforcement right now, so we’ll tackle that another time.

Regardless of the opinion on either of these issues, the morality or the faith perspective, for me, the main difference between these two situations is this:  issuing a marriage license to a gay couple does not affect anyone outside of that household; a boy with a penis who says he identifies as a girl and wants to pee with them and change clothes with them, affects all of them.

Our society has truly gone mad…It’s time to bring back some sanity!!


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